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Welcome to Allergenics

Welcome to Allergenics! Trinidad’s first allergy, asthma and sinus clinic. Our clinic provides personalized allergy diagnosis, treatment and long term care so that you or your loved ones can live without the fear of allergies.
Skin Prick Testing

This type of testing is utilized to test for environmental, food, and/or spice allergies.

Intradermal Testing

Used to confirm your allergies and determine your sensitivity

Blood Testing

Used when skin tests might be unsafe. Specific IgE and Total IgE testing.

Challenge Tests

A minimal amount of an allergen is inhaled or taken by mouth. Performed in the office under the supervision of our practitioners.


Used to measure the amount of air inhaled and exhaled by the lungs. It is commonly used to diagnose and monitor the progress of conditions such as asthma.

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ABC Paediatrics, La Clave Street, Lange Park

Serpentine Dermatology, St Clair, Port of Spain

Allergenics, #134 Mission Road, Freeport


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8:00 am – 4:00 pm

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