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Dandelion Fields

Why am I so passionate about Allergies?

My earliest memories of my childhood were of my itching legs after every insect bite and the black huge spots that were left after.In my high school years I had an episode of not being able to breathe after eating almonds, a snack I enjoyed on evenings after school for years.I had always been prone to allergies but my tipping point didn’t come until a month before my wedding.I got bitten by an unknown insect and my skin started to form blebs over the spots which refused to heal months later.Being a doctor and not being able to solve the puzzle was defeating. After my biopsy of one of the sites, I found out it was a severe allergic reaction and then I dedicated my life to solving these issues for persons like myself.


"Dr Siewnarine is a gem, she takes her time and explains everything to me. Absolutely would reccomemend!"

"They were patient, kind, and efficient when answering questions"

"Amazing service! I had allergic rhinitis and Dr Siewnarine gave me easy ways to manage at home"

"Very thankful for the care I received at Allergenics. The staff is truly one of a kind."

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